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Counselling in English and Spanish

I am like you, an ordinary yet unique individual. In order to overcome my personal struggles, I embarked on a personal therapeutic process. A self-development journey that has taken me to where I am now, and has given me the confidence to face any difficulties. I embrace the gifts of faith and passion for helping others, and I love what I do as a person-centred Counsellor/Psychotherapist.

My approach to life focuses on WHO I am, understanding and trusting that I am equipped to deal with difficulties. My biggest discovery? My ability to appreciate myself as a whole; by looking at the circumstances around me, owning how I feel, and trusting that I can help myself. It is all hidden in the depth of the beauty of our self-concept. The truth about ourselves is rooted deep down in us. Sadly, throughout life, that truth often gets muddled up with all the different experiences and emotions we face, leaving us overwhelmed and confused about who we are and what we can do.

How are you feeling, what about your relationships? Are you anxious and overthinking about things? Struggling to deal with unresolved issues? Do you feel overwhelmed or stuck in your current circumstances? Do you wonder how you could get a deeper understanding of yourself and trust in WHO you are as you go through life?

Person-centred therapy offers a non-judgemental and confidential space where you are accepted, respected and understood. These therapeutic conditions promote the kind of relationship where you feel encouraged to explore your feelings and thoughts, and take the first steps into the personal therapeutic process. It is a journey that can take you to a place of self-healing and growth. As your counsellor/psychotherapist, I will be walking alongside you every step of the way, striving to understand your unique circumstances and offering empathic conditions that will help you gain a deeper understanding of yourself, and your abilities to make positive changes.

I firmly believe you can become a better version of yourself. I would love it if you allow me to walk alongside you and support you through your self-development journey.

What WeeChange offers you is REAL.

You will be given unconditional acceptance of who you are.

You will not be alone with your feelings. I will put myself in your shoes. 

You will be cherished for your qualities as my belief in you is given from the start.

You will be given a safe space to express yourself in your own time without judgement.

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