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Gosia, founder of WeeChange, enjoying the late evening sun.

I'm Gosia, a certified coach, mentor, and a CIPD accredited HR professional. I volunteered as a Counsellor for ChildIine, and study counselling at The University of Aberdeen. My passion is to never stop growing and to be the best person I can be. 

Have you ever wondered if you are actually happy?

I have, and one day I realised that I deserve to be happy.

​I became aware that other people were controlling my life and deciding what was best for me. I was afraid to be myself in relationships, and my self-worth was based on the appreciation of others. I wasted energy on matters that were out of my control; blaming myself when I wasn't to blame; ignoring my inner voice, heart, and body; feeling like a puppet in my life and work. A moment came when I had enough.

I struggled to ask for help from fear of judgement and the shame of my choices. I spoke with someone trustworthy who created a space where I could hear myself and who also questioned my beliefs. What I learned gave me motivation and confidence to change my life. I made difficult decisions, and though my journey was not easy, I was convinced it was essential.

I chose to respect and appreciate me for whom I am by developing newfound confidence in life, career and relationships. I started to live my life the way I always wanted.

I thrive by helping others understand what makes them happy. Through my coaching, I hope to assist people discover and reach meaningful and fulfilling lives.

What WeeChange offers you is REAL.

You will be given unconditional acceptance of who you are.

You will not be alone with your feelings. I will put myself in your shoes. 

You will be cherished for your qualities as my belief in you is given from the start.

You will be given a safe space to express yourself in your own time without judgement.

Testimonial Elaine Manley

Elaine Manley, MA FCIPD

​I have known Gosia over a number of years and been involved in her training as a coach (ILM Level 5 in Coaching and Mentoring).

I would not hesitate to recommend her as an excellent coach.

She has exceptional interpersonal qualities and high level of coaching skills.

What people say

Testimonial Kirsten Middleton

Kirsten Middleton

My coaching sessions with Gosia have been really rewarding. She is a phenomenal listener and helped me to see for myself what I had to do to improve my performance. Gosia has that natural ability to make you recognise your own potential and help to guide you towards it. 


She is such a people person and since the day I met her, she has always been keen to help others succeed. A great coach and a lovely person.

Testimonial Mandy Johnson

Mandy Johnson

Gosia has such a warm and friendly personality it was very easy to open up to her.


At the start of our session we established what I hoped to achieve followed by a list of actions at the end. She made me feel that my goals were absolutely achievable by asking a series of questions making me consider how best to do this, giving me incredible confidence.


I couldn't recommend a lovelier person to speak to.